Prek Toal resort in Battambang province

Prek Toal resort is a unique natural environment system located in the northwest part of the provincial town of Battambang. If you travel by boat, it is halfway between the provincial town and Siem Reap. Visitors can go there by boat and it takes about seven hours in the rainy season and 10 hours in the dry season depending on the speed of the boat. Prek Toal has been a secret natural habitat for birds in the area of the Tonle Sap Lake for a long time. It is a vast habitat for and a source of all kinds of birds. In 1958, KENRY MAHOUT, the wall know French archeologist who discovered Angkor Wat, on his way back from Angkor Wat on a boat, described seeing thousands of pelicans and herons in trees in the area of Prek Toal and the Tonle Sap lake. It was a beautiful spectacle like snow falling on the area of the Tonle Sap Lake.

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