The Cave of Phnom Kropeu

The Cave of Phnom Kropeu is a tourist destination located in the western part of Battambang Province in Kropeu Khang Tbong, Kropeu Khang Keut and Kropeu Khang Cheung Villages, Phnom Sampov Commune, Banan District. It is about 17.17 km from Battambang Provincial Hall and based at X: 290555, Y: 1440117. You can safely travel to the mountain by car and motorbike. (Please see the roadmap.)

The Cave of Phnom Kropeu was naturally created on the top of Phnom Kropeu. The mountain was also told of in a Khmer folk story “King Reachkol and Neang Rumsai Sak” similar to the story of Phnom Sampov which is related to Phnom Kropeu, Phnom Rumsai Sak Phnom Trung Moan Trung Tea and Phnom Kdoang. On top of the mountain, there are caves and in addition to this, Boeung Kantuy Lake and Boeung Chromoh Lake are surrounded by beautiful forest growing on the mountaintop.

The Cave of Phnom Kropeu is easily accessible by visitors who want to enjoy it because it is not so high from the ground; only about four to five meters from the base of the mountain. The cave has fresh cool air with a large court and big rocks for visitors to relax on. More interestingly, there is a staircase leading to the top of the mountain where a Buddhist monastery is being built, and on top of the mountain you can enjoy the fresh air and see the beautiful view around the mountain.

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