Laang Phnom Rumsai Sak ​tourist destination

The tourist destination is in Dong Village, Chheu Tial Commune, Banan District, about 23 km from Battambang Provincial Hall. Visitors can travel south from the provincial town to Phnom Rumasai Sak on National Road 57, as for Banan Temple. When they reach the crossroads at Phnom Sampov, [they should] turn left through the pagoda gate and then continue until they reach Phnom Rumsai Sak.

Phnom Rumsai Sak has a long history which has been passed down from one generation to another. The story is related to Phnom Banan, Phnom Sampov, Phnom Tangen, Phnom Kdoang, Phnom Trung Moan Trung Tea. (Please read the story of “King Reachkol and Neang Rumsai Sak”.)

The cave is natural and a concrete staircase and handrails were built up to the mouth of the cave. Visitors can see the magnificent view of extensive rice fields, plantations and the sights of green mountainous forests from the top of the mountain. On the mountaintop, there is a cave in which there is a statue people pray to for happiness. People can go into the cave through the stairs that have been built. It is dark and cold in the cave. On ceremonial occasions such as Khmer New Year, both child and adult visitors gather for popular games.  In addition, lights have been put up in the cave, on the way to the cave, and in the pagoda grounds radiating in all directions on festive days. Also within the pagoda grounds, a Buddhist monastery is under construction and there is a vast courtyard with beautifully decorated gardens and paths.

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